Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Car Window: A Smashing Good Time

As I drove away from home to work yesterday, I noticed some broken glass in the street next to Val's car. When I pulled up next to it, you guessed it, I saw that someone had smashed in her front driver's-side window.
So, I parked my car, checked Val's car to see if there was any other damage and tried to determine if anything was missing from her car. I couldn't find anything missing and besides broken glass everywhere (thanks, Grandmaster Flash), there was no other damage.
I went inside and told Val of the damage and called our insurance agent, even though I knew the office wasn't yet open; fortunately, I was given a 24-hour claim number and called there. They were very courteous and helpful, then connected me with the line for the glass claims, and that person was also helpful and courteous and started calling Buffalo companies who did car window repairs and came to the customer's location.
Eventually, they contacted Crossroads Glass, who agreed to add us to their same-day service list. Val needed her car for an MRI appointment later that day, so she had to stay home with the car until the Crossroads people arrived.
As Val spoke to police, she discovered that one other thing was missing, her inspection sticker. Yep, it turns out that some douchenozzle smashed in her car window to grab the inspection sticker.
Everything now appears back to normal, except our aggravation over some idiot's actions. But since we had full glass coverage, at least the cost wasn't a problem.


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