Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thanks for the "Help"

I got a lovely postcard sent to me "or current resident" that vows to "END BALDNESS PERMANENTLY" on one side.
The local address is "Joseph B. Neiman M.D., F.A.A.D.," of the Neiman Center for Hair Transplantation on Youngs Road in Williamsville, with a web site and everything, apparently believing that I am suffering oh, so much mental anguish from my mainly bald head and require immediate treatment for this major medical emergency.
I have never solicited anything related to hair tramsplantation, toupees or any other hair loss remedy, and as anyone who reads this or knows me is aware, I enjoy being bald, shave what little hair on my head remains and have never been vain enough to seek such "treatment." If other people want to, fine, but please, to anyone soliciting me on this, go away.
Also, I find that my trust in such hair treatments grows to skyscraper levels when the return address is a street called "W. Airfield Drive," with a six-digit post office box, at the "D/FW Airport," obviously the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, in Texas.


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