Friday, May 29, 2009

Used to Love Thunder

Val and I used to love listening to the thunder and rain at night; that was until Walker Evans moved in with her here.
She discovered that he may not have been kept inside the two years or so he had been alive before he came here (before Val and I stated dating). Besides not being house trained at that point, Walker was scared of the television, telephone and petrified of thunder and lightning. He runs around barking, panting, drooling and growling at them, often working himself into a frenzy even after they have stopped.
So, while Val and I used to enjoy listening to the rain and thunder during storms, we now dread the onset of thunder and lightning.
Late yesterday and last night, there was some thunder with the rain, and yes, Walker did go into his protect-my-humans-from-the-thunder mode, and although he did delay eating his dinner until he calmed down, he did eventually get back to normal as the thunder stopped before bedtime.


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