Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Fine Neighborhood Car

As Val and I drove down Norwood Avenue between Bryant and Summer streets a few days ago, Val suddenly said, "Wow, hon, look at that car." Being a good driver, my eyes were on the road, and I missed it.
I caught up with it Sunday; Walker Evans and I were strolling down Norwood Avenue during his Sunday walk when, on that same block, I saw a gorgeous 1960s dark charcoal grey/matted black Ford Thunderbird parked in a driveway. The enormous fins and "Lucky" in chrome writing on the back left fin were among the standout features.
Due probably to the size of the fins and the fact that the car was in lower part of the driveway, even Walker Evans seemed to stop and admire the Thunderbird. I didn't get a chance to research it to see exactly what year the car was, but it couldn't have been newer than a mid-1960s vehicle.


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