Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sooner Than the Annoying Commercials

I actually started my Christmas/holiday shopping earlier this week; I can't divulge what it I got, for obvious reasons, but I didn't want to wait and not get the proper size.
For as long as we've been together, Val and I have established and almost 100 percent adhered to our policy of shopping on Elmwood Avenue, Hertel Avenue and online for the holidays, with a couple of exceptions for Buffalo/Western New York musicians and artists. Otherwise, I have shopped at the Mac Store in the Walden Galleria a few of times for Val, but that is it. With New World Record now closed, that will probably lead to more Internet shopping, such as I did this time.
It was strange to be doing this holiday shopping while the temperature was in the mid-80s and the humidity was just about as high, with no colon-clenching holiday music or television/radio commercials to be heard, but I was able to handle it.


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