Sunday, August 03, 2008

Coincidence? Hint? Kick in the Ass?

I used to write a column, "The Hosey Report," first for Buffalo Night-Life Magazine and later for Buffalo Beat, which for some reason gained a bit of local renown/notoriety. It was mostly on music, my reviews and rantings on mainly local original music (live and recorded), along with live reviews on national bands, other musical topics, and eventually politics and culture.
It ran monthly from 1987/88-2000, if I remember correct, and I have recently been thinking of reviving it, although possibly on a quarterly basis. As well as wanting an outlet for my comments and thoughts on music and other topics (it may actually sound just like this blog), there are shows Val and I attend that I want to comment on but don't merit full reviews such as the ones we publish/post at our web site, Buffaloroots.
So it was interesting to find someone getting to this blog from the search "Kevin Hosey Report" today. This may be the final push I need to start up the column again, and if any old readers of The Hosey Report are here, let me know if you think I should revive it or let it stay retired.


Anonymous Mar said...

Go for it Kevin! I always enjoyed The Hosey Report - still have some old columns kicking around my "archives" (AKA, my messy house).

12:22 AM  
Blogger mark said...

Hey Kevein-

Check the recent Buffalo Roam post that has a clip of a Kevin Hosey Slack review from mar. 28, 1994- Night-Life Magazine..

I have some archives on you!

Scroll to the bottom:

9:22 AM  

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