Saturday, August 02, 2008

McCain Mailings: As Bad As His Campaign

You guessed it; I received another mailing from the Republican National Committee, seeking membership and/or a donation from me for the Republican Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, this week.
I have lost count of how many mailings I have received from the RNC and the McCain for President Campaign, seeking donations and membership from me (I have never been a member of either). I still remain a registered, liberal Democrat and a Democratic committee person on Buffalo's West Side, and a strong supporter of Senator Barack Obama for president.
And yes, I have visited Germany, Berlin in particular, when it was West Berlin and surrounded on three sides by Communist East Germany, connected to West Germany only by a narrow highway corridor. I was at the site that Obama spoke, and can only imagine a U.S. Senator and his/her party's presidential candidate speaking to such a large crowd there.


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