Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mmm ... Chocolate Chip Cookies

While Val and I celebrated our sixth anniversary last week, I have had one 45-year or so relationship that most people who know me are well aware of; I love chocolate.
Chocolate chip cookies are one of the classic vessels for this manna from the gods, and there may be nothing like a great chocolate chip cookie to send me to the heights of food heaven. So I am happy to report that a recent/new cookie has nicely caught my attention.
The Lexington Co-Op has started selling a large, all-natural chocolate chip cookie (as well as a companion vegan cookie I haven't tried yet), and it is excellent. The first time I tried one, the cookie itself was excellent, tasty and moist, and the chips were very chocolatey, but there weren't too many of them. The cookie I bought earlier tonight (on our way home from a wonderful pool/concrete pond party at the home of Richard Kegler and Carima El-Behairy) was all of the above except that there were 2-3 times the chocolate chips in it. This made it so good that after two attempts, I have barely eaten half of the cookie, but I did have some chocolate wood.
While on the topic of the Lexington Co-Op, my favorite current coffee is the organic Sumatran beans I have been getting there. Bold, very flavorful, strong and not bitter; damn, I like it.


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Mmmmmm... chocolate cookies ftw

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