Saturday, July 12, 2008

Borderline, and I'm Going to Lose My Mind

I think I really committed a major faux pas today.
A beach party/bonfire was planned at the summer home of the director of the Buffalo Arts Studio, Joanna, and her partner, Kerry, today; Val is a resident photographer and member of the board of directors of the BAS. The party was located in Southern Ontario, and we live across the border and Peace Bridge in Buffalo.
Well, I started last night, and after several more hours of searching today, I was unable to locate either my passport or birth certificate, so obviously, we were not able to even try to cross the border to go to this shindig.
Val has been rather understanding and nice about this, despite my knowing that having helped plan this party and being an artist-elected member of the board, she really wanted to go and have some fun on the beach. I feel really bad about not being able to find my passport and birth certificate, and hate having Val feel bad.
I still cannot find either document, so I will be digging, searching and searching again anywhere and everywhere I can in this house to find them.


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