Saturday, June 14, 2008

Linda McRae - Carve It to the Heart CD

Canadian (and apparently American by marriage now) singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Linda McRae has released her most recent solo CD, "Carve It to the Heart," on Black Hen Music, with a more traditional country sound coming through her twangy style, and it is her best solo recording.
The CD begins wiht the haunting "This Winding Road," describing travels up the East Coast of Canada and America by musicians (mainly country) and the events and stories they brought, and of McRae continuing the tradition in a mid-tempo, twangy but somehow upbeat song. McRae's banjo and the accordion of Nova Devonie provide a nice intro to "Carve It to the Heart," where McRae tells a lover that their relationshp cannot last when he doesn't trust her and apparently cheats himself. McRae's banjo helps color her anguish of lost innocence on "How Can I Bring Her Back," and the sadness of loss of home strikes on "The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore," a moody, bluesy song marking the closing of the coal mine her dad worked at as well as the trains no longer stopping at her hometown and life kind of leaving the place. "Before the Hereafter" is very old-timey country, with accordion and soft, shuffling guitar and rhythm section leading McCrae to happily sing that she finally found the man who would love her and treat her good (assumedly her new husband). "Living in the Past" is also very old sounding, as McRae recalls simpler times and compares it to her musical life and times, while "Really & Truly" is a lovely little waltz but a sad song on a couple parting for good, with McRae's banjo and Devonie's accordion again the stand out instruments.
As mentioned a few days ago here, McRae will perform with Jim Whitford at a house concert at the home of Marty Boratin and Susan Tanner at 6 p.m. Sunday, June 22, at 7341 Nelson Drive in Hamburg, with Dee Adams opening. Admission will be a mere $10.


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