Saturday, June 07, 2008

Alone Again, Naturally

With Val leaving early yesterday morning for New York City (she returns very late Sunday night/early Monday morning after presenting her art along with several other Buffalo artists to museum curators and directors in NYC as part of a New York Foundation for the Arts grant she earned), I have been on my own, or at least human wise, at home, with Walker Evans joining me.
Quite frankly, I miss Val a lot so far, and despite my having lived on my own for years and so on, I am at times wondering what to do and when to do it, and I have slipped back into some kind of bad, if harmless, habits. I have both gotten a lot of things done and I am at times laying around with little motivation or concern (don't worry, I have eaten, showered and changed clothing).
But the little things, like sleeping, eating meals and just having Val here to hold, talk to and spend time with, are very strange and palpable in their absence. Being able to play music late into the night/early into the morning is little solace for the emptiness that otherwise is here; yeah, we all need some time to ourselves, but that seems best measured in hours, not days.
Oh, and these past not even 48 hours so far has pointed out one flaming drawback or inadequacy of mine, being technologically deficient. Val is very savvy as per computers and related technology, as well as pertaining to electronics, photography, cable television and other areas; me, not so much, so I have fallen into the habit of depending on Val to handle such things.
This sometimes frustrates Val and indeed, I do use it as a crutch, and it came back to bite me on the posterior today. After breakfast, I stopped at the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library Central branch downtown to pick up a few DVDs; of course, the trip turned into two DVDs and four CDs. The DVDs I took out were "Night and Fog" and "White Light Black Rain," both documentaries. Well, you guessed it; when I got home, I could not and still have not figured out how to get the DVD player to work.
I was hoping Val would call today/tonight like she did last night to ask her for help, but she is apparently enjoying the Big Apple, like she should.


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