Saturday, May 31, 2008

Turn It Up to Eleven

Driving to the restaurant Saturday night, Val and I were flipping stations, then remembered that 105.1 The River was holding one of its more and more frequent 80s Flashback Weekends; along with Nina Blackwood's New Wave Nation, possibly the only reason to listen to The River during the weekend (or ever, for that matter).
We heard a bunch of songs on The River on the way, from good to mediocre to bad, but we fortunately turned to the station in time to hear one of those "crank the radio" songs, one that is not only great but that you don't hear often enough on the radio, "Eyes of a Stranger" by the Payolas. We even sat in the parking lot of the restaurant until the song finished.
I was fortunate to catch the Payolas and the band it turned into Rock N Hyde, live, in the late 1980s/early 1990s, and it was a great time. I caught Rock N Hyde at September's, with Walk Don't Walk opening, and it was a fantastic show one I still fondly remember.


Anonymous Beth said...

I like to torture the husband whenever those 80s weekends come on... he grew up in North tExas... for him 80s music was 97 Rock type stuff... meanwhile I was was doing the running foil from the radio trying to pull WBNY and CFNY in... I have thought of toruring him by putting up my 1980s era Robert Smith poster...

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