Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Get Well, Everybody

Val and I send all of our love and best wishes to my sister-in-law, Janet Hosey, in Arizona, wife of my late brother, Brian, as she recovers from several medical maladies. If anyone can get better and recover fast, it's Janet.
We also send our best wishes and thanks to her children as they help her recover; Kimberly, Colleen and Daniel, and we also hope that Kim gets back to writing her fantastic blog, Arizonawriter.


Blogger Kim Hosey said...

Thanks for the well wishes. She is getting better every day. You know her; she's too stubborn to do otherwise. (Sound like anyone else we know?)

Kim is getting her lazy ass/brain/fingers back in gear after a looong few months, and will return to her semi-regularly scheduled blogging in the next day or two. (Thanks.)

2:22 AM  

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