Monday, May 26, 2008

Getting the Kinks Out of the Parade

I had a great conversation with two World War II veterans during the Kenmore Memorial Day Parade about topics such as the weather, politics, food, appreciation of veterans and how none of them resembled their old photos before they went overseas, particularly their hair. As I thanked them, for their service, they smiled and said thanks but that they were only doing their jobs; that is one of the many reasons they deserve thanks, for their simple, graceful attitudes.
At the end of our conversation, the start of the parade approached, with a Kenmore Police Department car flashing its lights and loudly sounding its siren. As I moved out of the way of the spectators, the Kenmore West High School Marching Band came next, and started to play, of all songs, the Kinks' "You Really Got Me."
My high school marching band, the Lancaster High School Marching Redskins (yes, I'm still damn proud) played "The Theme from Shaft," and I thought we were cool.


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