Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm Driving in My (Our) Car ...

Catching up with last weekend, and always welcoming an excuse to quote a Bruce Springsteen lyric above, we had an interesting encounter on the roads Sunday.
As Val and I drove on Delaware Avenue to have breakfast at Bagel Jay's in North Buffalo before going grocery shopping at Wegmans, we stopped at the red light in the left lane heading north at Delaware and Amherst.
A truck was driving on Amherst Street and turning left to drive right past us onto Delaware Avenue; I looked at the driver and passenger and said to Val, "Hey, that's Jenn and Mark." I then waved, honked my horn and said "Hi, Jenn," out of my window.
I'll never know if Jenn saw or heard me or knew who I was; she had a look of terror on her face and a death grip on the steering wheel as she drove by, making me wonder if Mark was giving her a driving lesson in his truck


Blogger Jennifer said...

Mark did see you!!! :) I didn't know I had death grip. Maybe I always look like that when I drive! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!


We were coming back from the Jog for the Jake which Marky ran...

9:03 AM  

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