Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kevin 1, Lawn 0

It is a great feeling to have finally gotten the first lawnmowing of the season done, even with a complication or two.
After taking Walker Evans on his walk, I went out to mow, and neighbor Lynn O'Meara beat me to the punch, already mowing her lawn with an electric mower. I became envious of that as our mower, despite a fresh tank of gas, repeated fuel feeding and chain pulling, did not start. Even when it sounded like it was really trying, the engine would not turn over, making me wonder about the spark plug. After going in the house for a few moments, coming back, removing and replacing the spark plug cap, the engine finally started.
As anyone who has let their lawn go too long before mowing knows, the grass can become rather thick, so thick in my case that I had to go over a lot of the lawn twice, and I stalled the mower a few times. But it was worth it, as the lawn look incredibly better.
I didn't finish a moment too soon; during my errands that included buying gasoline yesterday, I bought a new tank of propane for our grill; while I was mowing, grillmaster Val got the grill started and cooked us up some salmon steaks, to go with some coconut ginger rice. Yum.
And yes, Walker Evans can pee and poo in much more comfort and ease now.


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