Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Getting Well, But Too Slow

While I'm feeling better than a few days ago, I have still not returned to work and am feeling blah and somewhat crappy.
No, I haven't thrown up in a few days, but too many of the other symptoms are either sticking around or have returned; I am getting the chills way too often and way too intensely still, and where is the food I am energetically eliminating coming from? Val had to cuddle against me and apply direct body heat to get me to stop shaking a few nights ago when I came to bed, after I had trouble carrying a less-than-half-full glass of water from the living room to the kitchen.
Anyone who thinks being out of work sick for any amount of time is fun and cool and playing-hooky neat is simply wrong. Sleep isn't coming in normal stretches, food doesn't taste as good as normal when you can find something you can actually stomach and huddling under a blanket shivering during the frigging daytime sucks.


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