Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Dear Friend Letter from Mitt Romney

I received a mass mailing letter at home from Republican Massachusetts Governor and presidential nominee candidate Mitt Romney Friday that started like this:

"Dear Friend,
One of the things I admired most about Ronald Reagan was his unfailing optimism, which served to unite this country even during difficult times. He came into the White House during an enormously challenging time and his bold conservative leadership strengthened our military, grew our economy, and made the American Dream possible for anyone willing to work for it."

Sorry, Mitt, but I think you mean Reagan's unfailing senility leading to Alzheimer's disease or at least withering stupidity, which split this country in ways that still exist. The time he came into office was more of a challenge than his miniscule intellect and talents could handle and the rest of the comments are unmitigated crap.
But let me let Romney continue. Two paragraphs later, he writes:

"But first, I want to reach out to you. As an active member of the Republican Party, I know you care deeply about the future of our country and our conservative ideals."

Um, Mitt? I am not only a registered Democrat, I am from the left/liberal wing of the Democritc Party, and I am a Democratic committee member on the West Side of Buffalo, where my wife Val, also a Democratic committee member, and I live. Our ideals oppose much of your repugnant philosophy, which I often don't see as truly conservative. I may disagree with true conservatives on a good number of points, but they strike me as being more sincere and less wavering or vile as yours do.
This letter goes on for four pages and, of course, asks me for a financial contribution. Well, my contributions, physical, mental or financial, will be going to the candidate of my choice, who I will assist defeat your party's choice and stand against your "ideals."
I was there as an active member of Students for Mondale/Ferraro, and I will be there now working with hopefully a better and stronger ticket to win in November 2008.


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