Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dinner in the Suburbs

Val and I ate dinner at Friendly's in Cheektowaga Saturday; we saw a commercial for Friendly's Thursday night, and we started talking about eating there many years ago. We both noted how good their sundaes were and that we hadn't had ice cream in months, so we decided that Saturday would be the day.
The food was pretty good (I had a Southwestern Chicken Supermelt sandwich, Val a Fishamajig), particularly for a chain restaurant, and the sundaes were excellent. I had a Mocha Mud Crunch, a name I thought sounded like what it would eventually make me do.
But the highlight of the meal was the family who sat at the table next to us. The eight people were made up of two couples age 35-45, a couple probably in their 70s or 80s who appeared to be the parents of members of each or both younger couple, and two girls, one about age 15, the other age 10-12.
Most of their discussion was pretty normal; the Sabres came up at times, but their main topic was a student musical performance at Kleinhans Music Hall earlier that day that it seems the girls performed in. The younger girl talked about many of the performers, including "I thought the best chorus was the one with the dark people," to which her mother responded by explaining that the chorus was singing "Southern songs." A moment later, the girl remarked, "I like the fancy restaurant we ate at that had the silverware and glasses of water on the table."
The mother also spoke in hushed tones about how she drove on Allen Street and then onto Elmwood Avenue. Somehow, Val and I kept our composure and didn't laugh.


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