Saturday, February 24, 2007

Personal Libraries For Sale?

Over the years, Val and I have collected in various manners thousands of books, CDs and vinyl recordings, and while we love having them (I am a particular pack rat), we are finally about to enter the market of selling used books, CDs and vinyl records, online as well as otherwise.
We have sold some things at yard sales, but it is time for us (again, I have the much larger problem of not doing so) embrace technology and use online resources. We have friends conducting business from a few sales to thousands of dollars a year on eBay and elsewhere, but this is where you fine readers come into play.
Any advice any of you have on using eBay or other onlines resources and businesses for selling books, CDs and vinyl, as well as selling them in person or otherwise, are welcome to comment here, including recommendations for sources of information on this issue. Either way, we are about to start selling some of our too large libraries.


Blogger Jen(nifer) said...

I sold many, many, many books. Quite a few CD's and any DVD's I had at the time on which I prefer over Ebay because you can set the price. And of course, I set the lowest price for all my items so pretty much everything sold. And yes, a few $$$ made. Over a thousand easily.

Don't miss any of the CD's. Some of my law books I wish I had, just to put on my shelf to justify my $100,000 education, but really...I don't miss them. Start slowly. ;)Good luck.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous RandomThoughts101 said...

I've never used but I've heard good things about it from friends who have used it.

I agree with Jen, check out Half dot-com and see if that will work for you guys.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Howard said...

I like Amazon for selling mainstream (non-collectible) CD's, and Amazon for in/out of print books. Ebay is better for collectible music. Half is OK too, but personally I have better luck with Amazon for non-collectible music.

9:22 PM  

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