Monday, February 19, 2007

This Is Your Wakeup Call, Mr. Campbell

Even though he was a starter at defense in the NHL ALl-Star Game this year and started out the season pretty strong, Buffalo Sabres defenseman Brian Campbell has been awfully quiet in the offensive part of his game in recent weeks.
While he is en route to dishing out more assists this year (27 in 59 games this season, compared to 32 assists in 79 games last year), Campbell has only scored 6 goals, compared to 12 last season, and I can't remember when he scored his last goal.
No doubt oter teams are concentrating on Campbell's offensive talent, as well as jamming the point during Sabres' power plays, and the other parts of his game seem good, but Buffalo really needs Campbelll to step up, with so much offensive firepower from the Sabres' forwards out due to injuries.


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