Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sticks to the ... Bowl of the Toilet?

Most of you know of the major recall of peanut butter due to the recent salmonella outbreak; this includes a lot of Peter Pan peanut butter, with lot numbers starting with 2111.
We are a Peter Pan family, and Friday, Val checked the new, unopened jar of Peter Pan on our pantry shelf, and yes, it had the 2111 lot number. Well, I checked the three-quarters done jar in the cupboard, and what, to my wondering eyes did appear, but another jar of Peter Pan with the lot number 2111.
Neither Val nor I have felt sick or had any of the symptoms of salmonella (no bad stomach aches or cramps, no explosive or profuse diarrhea, etc.), but we will be returning the jars to the Wegmans supermarket we bought them at later this weekend.


Blogger Prego said...

You too, eh?

We have a jar of that sh*t, too. The crunchy kind. I just doodled a cartoon about the whole thing... Kind of a no-brainer. It's been a while and I'm out of practice.

Peter Pan 'toon

1:20 PM  
Blogger Prego said...

Oh wait... the toilet. I think you might have inspired me!

1:21 PM  
Blogger Prego said...

Hey - here's the 'fruit' of your inspiration.

4:26 PM  

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