Saturday, February 10, 2007

Patience Appreciated

This may read like a too-often written note in appreciation of people allowing some personal stuff to delay some of my blogging, but in particular I want to thank Chris Byrd of InDaBuff for allowing me to slide on a blog item while some homefront concerns are addressed.
I also promise that my Best Music of 2006 post will be coming soon. I used to write or contribute to these articles to both print media and online venues, but I haven't yet this year except for a piece contributed to a certain online/print media outlet upon request that never saw print or LED screen.
But I must say that Tom Waits' "Bastards ..." and new releases by Rosanne Cash and Willie Nile will figure in on the national/major label release list, while new efforts by Mark Norris and the Backpeddlers, Rob Lynch and Ani DiFanco (who should probably be in the first list) will be included for local CDs.


Anonymous C. Byrd said...

I have patience even though I ain't no doctor..

Gosh I am tooooo funny...

3:43 PM  

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