Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Era Caps: Something Missing

Val and I finally got to visit the New Era Cap store on Delaware Avenue in downtown Buffalo Saturday; we were impressed with the store overall, but came away disappointed.
The main reason we decided to visit was because we are both looking for University of Wisconsin hats/caps; I have a white one, and Val doesn't have any (although she has several sweatshirts and t-shirts), and we have a feeling we will get to watch them go pretty deep into the NCAA basketball tournament this year, with the Badgers currently ranked number 2.
But when we asked where the Wisconsin hats were, the person helping us said that except for local schools, they had no college hats in stock and would not be getting them until about May. If this is a case of New Era Cap not being able to acquire the licenses or permission to produce and sell these hats until May, then we fully understand. Otherwise, with the bowl season having just ended and college basketball in full swing, as well as Buffalo having hosted some of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament recently and vying to in the future, it would be amazingly short-sighted and, indeed, foolish not to stock the college hats before May.
It appears that Val and I will be going back to the Internet to make our purchases, instead of buying locally as we preferred. We only found one store with Wisconsin hats in Western New York, a Laux store that had two copies of a fitted hat that were too small for me and too large for Val.


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