Monday, February 19, 2007

Wisconsin Basketball: No Respect?

I have been seething about this topic for weeks; can someone tell me why the Ohio State University men's basketball team is ranked ahead of the University of Wisconsin? While the Badgers and the Buckeyes share the same record in Big Ten Conference action, Wisconsin has a better overall record and, because it beat Ohio State in head-to-head action, leads the Big Ten. Ohio State is ranked number 2, and Wisconsin number 3
Wisconsin has also defeated every Top 25 team it has played, both at the Kohl Center and on the road, including Pitt, which was ranked number 2 at the time, and the previously mentioned Ohio State. I have tried to stay quiet about this, but when I read a story in the Buffalo News online edition today about Ohio State making a move to be ranked number 1 after beating Minnesota, my gasket blew.
Val and I demand answers.


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