Sunday, July 09, 2006

New Favorite Car Song

Yes, I love great car songs, particularly during the summer; you know the kind, the ones with big guitars, fast, punchy rhythm/pace and tough, simple, sexy music and lyrics.
While driving home from work Friday, I had the radio on in my car (yes, "old" radio; I can't afford satellite radio), and, as a confirmed channel flipper/jumper, tuned the radio to either CFNY-FM or 97.7 Hits FM, and caught the recent/newest song from Danko Jones, "First Date." It all but leapt out of the speakers at me, and as the final sign of it being a great radio song, I noticed that I started driving my car faster than normal. The song is from Danko Jones' most recent CD, "Sleep Is the Enemy," on Red Ink Records, and is now on my list of CDs to buy if the cash flow situation improves. Of course, if the label wants to send me a review copy of the CD, I won't say no to it.


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