Saturday, April 29, 2006

Nice Day

Following the Sabres' 5-4 loss to the Flyers last night, a good weekend day was needed and appears to have been delivered.
Val began things by starting teaching photography to another group of youth students at the Buffalo Arts Studio; she has been teaching photography longer than I can remember and Val really loves teaching. Indeed, Val is teaching two classes this semester, one of youths and one of adults.
I woke up not too long after she left to feed the dog and make coffee and breakfast; after that, I showered and met Val, her friend from work Roza and her two sons at Spot Coffee on Elmwood Avenue; Roza and her sons were there for the Goo Goo Dolls CD signing event for their new CD, "Let Love In," at New World Record (next door to Spot Coffee), and Val was also there for that event, but was the official photographer for New World Record (as I write this, Val, who just got home, is showing me her "cool" staff tag ). Val will discuss the actual signing, with a photo or so, a bit later.
New World Record gave out 350 wristbands to people buying the CD there, and these people were allowed in the main line to get them signed; this line went out the door and to the right, past Spot Coffee and down Cleveland, the nearby street, when I left at about 1:40-1:45 p.m., with the actual signing starting at 2 p.m. Another line, for people without wristbands but hopeful they could get in, went to the left and passed Brodo, the next door restaurant.
After I got home, I quickly checked the NFL draft and then took Walker Evans on his walk; with the sun shining and the temperature about 65 degrees, I let him pick the route, and we ended up going on a much longer than normal jaunt, about 2 miles all in all, including conversation with a retired English teacher who spent some of her career teaching in Kenya.
Now, don't ask me yet about the Bills picking Ohio State safety Donte Whitner with the eighth draft choice, and John McCargo of North Carolina State with the 26th pick; while good players, did they need to be picked so high?


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