Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Oh, Come On, Dad

My reviewing and compiling of my late father Edward's record collection (lots of 33s, 78s and some 45s, mainly big band/jazz vocalist and similar music) frequently produces surprises and smiles, and today was no exception.
This actually stated a week or two ago, when I brought home some of my father's 78s (more on these later), and found some other records that piqued my interest. My father and mother Sheila often surprised me over the years with some of the music they listened to and knew/remembered quite well.
The first record to catch my attention was an "extended play" 4-song 45 by the Ray Charles Singers with Musical Accompaniment, "Mam'selle" and "Mademoiselle de Paree," b/w "Where Are You?" and "La Seine," MGM X1424.
The next two records need a bit of untangling. One cover is for "Chansons Parisiennes," (Volume 1) by Edith Piaf, Columbia FL 9501, and the other cover is for "Voice of the Xtabay" by Yma Sumac, Capitol H244. Both are 10-inch 33 RPM records, but neither cover contains the record mentioned.
The Edith Piaf cover actually contained Volume 2 of "Chansons Parisiennes," Columbia FL 9507, while the Yma Sumac cover contained "Chansons Parisiennes" Volume 1. The records have been switched to the opposite covers so at least the first volume for Edith Piaf is in the correct record cover/holder, and the search for Yma Sumac records continues.
For a person as over organized and occasionally anal as my father, this arrangement is surprising, to say the least, and possibly intentional, seeing if anyone was paying attention. Yes, I am, Dad.


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