Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Commercial Music (Almost Forgot)

I frequently note the use of music in television and radio commercials that impresses or surprises me here, and I have forgotten recently to mention one that did both.
A Kinect xBox commercial, often seen on NBA and college basketball broadcasts, uses the choppy, abrasive but great sounds of the intro of "Natural's Not in It" by the Gang of Four, from its classic 1979 album, "Entertainment."
While I used to be more tight-assed complaining about the commercialization and commodification of music, particularly that of a band with serious Marxist and Dadaist roots and influences such as the Gang of Four, I love hearing this advertisement, although I suppose I am still a bit miffed that the band did not get its commercial as well as artistic reward when "Entertainment" was first released. In other words, yes, I am pissed off that the Gang of Four did not earn the recognition and reward I believe it deserved, but of course, would have wondered about if they had received it then, me having been a know-it-all music critic for so long.


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