Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Great Record Find

Sometimes, the most enjoyable parts of searching through and sorting my late father Edward's record collection are the surprises I find.
Recently, I found a plain blue book-like holder containing 12 records, with no writing on the outside or the inside. Finding out which records were inside was like a trip through a music history book.
From front to back, these are the records I found: Jo Stafford and Gordon MacRae and the Starlighters with Orchestra, "My Darling, My Darling," b/w "Girls Were Made to take Care of Boys," Capitol Records 15270; Benny Goodman and His Orchestra, "Stompin' at the Savoy," b/w "Don't Be That Way," RCA Victor 20-1549; Artie Shaw and His Gramercy 5, "Summit Ridge Drive," b/w "Cross Your Heart," Victor (RCA) 26763; Johnny Hodges and His Orchestra, "Passion Flower," b/w "Going Out the Back Way," Bluebird (RCA) 30-0817; the Mills Brothers, "You Always Hurt the One You Love, " b/w "Till Then," Decca 23930; Erskine Hawkins and His Orchestra, "Remember," b/w "Tippin' In," Victor (RCA) 20-1639.
Also, Duke Ellington and His Orchestra, "Mood Indigo," b/w "Wall Street Wail," Brunswick 80003; Harry James and His Orchestra, "Love and the Weather," b/w "Forgiving You," Columbia 37588; The Three Suns, "Twilight Time," b/w "It's Dawn Again," Majestic 1027; Ken Griffin at the Organ, "You Can't Be True, Dear," b/w "Cuckoo Waltz," Rondo R-128; Bob Haggart and Ray Bauduc, "Big Noise from Winnetka," b/w Bob Crosby and His Orchestra, "Honky Tonk Train," Decca 25117; Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra, "Caravan," b/w "Darktown Strutter's Ball," Apollo 1070.
I am familiar with almost every artist and with most of the songs, and there are three records here, those by Benny Goodman and His Orchestra, the Mills Brothers and Duke Ellington and His Orchestra, that all but make my heart stop and cause my eyes to widen and mouth to hang open. I am too nervous and not yet in possession of the proper gloves to take these records out of their sleeves and individually hold just yet. It is also fascinating to read the musicians listed on several of the records.
This, folks, is part of the joy of being a music geek.


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