Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trying to Be Ready for Today

Today, Thursday, March 10, is going to be one of those days that has to occur, that my sister Heather and I knew was coming and yet still, hard as I try, I am not sure how it will go.
With my mother Sheila now residing in assisted living, we are selling her house in the suburbs, and today will be the day the person I have spoken and met with, and we are almost assuredly hiring to do this part of the process, will come over and commit to what possessions and items he and his company will take and sell, what they will dispose of and what few items that are left that we want that my sister and I are taking.
Little by little, Heather and I have taken things over to my mother that she needs, taken a few things that we want and need that she no longer needs or uses and disposed of other things. But considering my mother and late father Edward bought and moved into the house new in 1959, with my then one-year-old older brother, Brian, and she and my father raised my brother, my sister and I there and my mother lived in the house until late July 2010, we're talking about a little more than 50 years of objects, clothes, appliances and items, and, mainly, more than 50 years of life, love, happiness, sadness, memories and simply being the Hoseys.
This is the house we used to live in; this is the place that I called home.


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