Sunday, March 20, 2011

I've Been Framed

Along with everything else I've been mentioning, I seem to have hit the mother lode in photo frames as I go through my mother Sheila's items while clearing out her house.
Not only those with photos (which are rather plentiful), but lots and lots of empty frames, frames that may have held photos or other documents in the past and many that were apparently never used. There are wood, metal and plastic frames of all colors and sizes.
The ones with photos range from displays of photos of more than 100 years of Hoseys and Connellys (my mother's family), as well as those made for my mother and late father Edward's 40th anniversary party in 1997, and tons of photos of family here, Arizona, Ontario and even Ireland.
It may seem flip and even disrespectful to some, but the empty frames will be up for sale at a yard sale (probable neighborhood one) this spring. There just isn't room for any more here or at my mother's residence.


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