Friday, May 28, 2010

Illustration of Douchenozzle

I took Walker Evans on our usual long walk today, including a large stretch of Elmwood Avenue.
As we approached the intersection of Elmwood and West Ferry from the Elmwood Pet Store, a man about age 25-30, with a Mohawk haircut and lots of tattoos, was walking the same way I was with a friend similar in tattoos but with a shaven head. He passed Walker and I as Walker sniffed a bush.
"Did you hear that fucking bitch? She asked me for fucking money while I'm looking for an apartment. You know, I should have punched that bitch in the fucking face," Mr. Super Alternative Anarchist said to someone as he talked/spittled on his cell phone.
About 1-2 minutes before this, as Walker stopped to drink some water from the dish Elmwood Pet Store puts out, a woman I assume was the same person the aforementioned douchenozzle prattled about approached me asking for money. I told her that I was unemployed and unable to, and she left; the exchange took about 3-5 seconds.
I am not the violent type, but damn, if I was, I might have been able to get away with smacking this idiot, or at least getting leniency when I explained the circumstances.


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