Monday, November 09, 2009

A Loving Celebration

There were hundreds of people filing the seats and lining the walls of the auditorium at the Burchfield Penney Arts Center for the celebration of the life of painter/artist Jackie Felix Saturday, who died September 19, 2009, on her 80th birthday.
Hosted by her husband, Al Felix, a poet and retired English teacher, the ceremony featured his thoughts and poems, as well as those of family, friends and art colleagues, who remembered a remarkable woman who was so strong and active in art, politics, family and even cooking.
There were moments of humor, enlightenment and sadness, and Al Felix has to stop a few times while reciting his poems due to the emotions, but the many family and friends present, as well as the gorgeous weather, were fine complements to the life of Jackie Felix. I was fortunate to have met and discussed many of these things with Jackie, who I first met and knew through my lovely wife, photographer Val Dunne. Both were resident artists at the Buffalo Arts Studio, where Val is a member of the board of directors.


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