Thursday, November 12, 2009

Change Is Good, Cereal Edition

I opened a box of Cheerios this week, partly because they didn't have any other cereals I wanted when I made an emergency stop at PriceRite and partly because I have been thinking of trying them again.
It has been years since I ate Cheerios (always with some sugar over them), and after eating a couple of cereals for years when I have cereal, I was getting tired of them, so I deciced with the opportunity at hand, it was time to revisit the round oat cereal.
I'm glad I did; they remain tasty and apparently made the same way they used to be, and they go good with/do not affect the flavor of my coffee (true, milk and sugar barely dent my coffee, either). I also use way less sugar on them than I used to add when I was a serious sugar addict; yes, worse than I am now.


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