Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Writers' Block Or Worse?

The last few days have been difficult for me in coming up with blog entry ideas, and I'm not sure if it is just another case of writer's block and being too busy.
With work being in one of its busiest seasons, along with political campaign volunteer work (media and otherwise), I do have a bit more on my plate than normal, but I have been perusing more blogs than normal to see how the writers are handling topics as well as if they are running into the same issues I have.
Of course, every writer, blog, newspaper, magazine, journal, book or otherwise, runs into idea problems from time to time, but I also got the feeling when I read some of these blogs that they were working on more interesting topics and ideas than I have been, which both encourages me to seek better ideas but also makes me possibly a bit shy to write on certain things I would otherwise have done.
I may also have to change my writing schedule and not just try to blog in the morning, especially when it can mean I am hurrying myself, consciously or otherwise.


Blogger Jill said...

I hate it when I want to post but don't have anything to write. Sometimes it's hard *not* to write, too... I try not to post specifics about work or family and friends, which can be challenging sometimes!

For me, I find that it's better to wait for an idea or event to occur than to try and force myself to come up with an idea to post... I think blogging is supposed to be fun, not a chore.

I'm betting that when you're not so busy again, the ideas will come flowing :)

7:51 AM  
Blogger Kim Hosey said...

Well, you could always go my route, and just don't post for ages.

Of course, these past few weeks in "real" life have overwhelmed my online presence and writing life, so now I have half a dozen half-written entries, which is more aggravating in a way.

I think either imposed daily or whenever-you-feel-like-it schedules have their pitfalls. I've been thinking of balancing it, like maybe having a weekly "feature" and when-I-feel-like-it in between. But regularly schedule writing practice is definitely a good thing.

9:08 PM  
Blogger Kim Hosey said...

That should be "regularly scheduled writing practice." Maybe I really do need more practice.

9:10 PM  

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