Monday, October 19, 2009

Damn Busy Weekend

Wow, we hardly saw our couch at times this past weekend at the Dunne-Hosey Estates.
I had a political lit drop Saturday morning (and actually got blisters on my feet), Val, Walker Evans and I went to Chestnut Ridge Park for some fall nature fun, photography and a possible Christmas card shot, and Val and I went to see Johnny Dowd and Michele Weber at a house concert put on by Marty and Susan (last one of the season), and this was all Saturday.
We also did the usual breakfast, but changed our routine and finally ate at Sophia's (Military Road between Kenmore and Hinman in North Buffalo) Sunday, which was great in the choice and quality of food, as well as atmostphere and price. We then did our grocery shopping, took Walker to the Lasalle Park dog park, I did laundry and watched the Bills actually defeat the New York Jets, and added some other political and work stuff in there.
My feet are still healing as we start this new week, but I have to digress slightly and ask: Is it me, or is "J...E...T...S. Jets, Jets, Jets," one of the all-time dumbest sports cheers?


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