Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thus Quote My Stomach: "Never More"

I always appreciate it when people are nice to us at work or elsewhere and buy us lunch, etc., and never fail to take those people up on their offers. But sometimes, my stomach wishes that I would say no.
Yesterday, lunch was bought for us for a meeting, so we had sheet pizza and chicken wings from a West Side/Elmwood Avenue restaurant; they were pretty good and I was pretty hungry, so I ate my share but stopped before bursting. Then, for dinner and political volunteering, someone bought us dinner, which for me was a chicken parmesan sub sandwich, from the same place. It was tasty, but a bit dry and way too chewy.
So, by the time I got home, despite eating only half of the sub, I was feeling way too full and then my stomach started feeling a bit upset and oogy. So, as anyone who has been through this before would do, I followed it with a shot of Pepto-Bismol chaser; eventually, I had three shots before going to bed and finally making my stomach feel better, although even now, it is a bit uncertain.
Man, I am looking forward to toast and jelly with coffee and juice for breakfast and a simple tuna sandwich for lunch.


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