Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rhino Records: Neither Gone Nor Forgotten

It appears that Rhino Records, the classic mail order/Internet music store and company as well as music label, has gone through some tough times and had to let go of some workers.
While this is a sad sign for the music industry and community, when these moves occurred, it appears that bloggers and concerned music fans started expressing their concerns and a few wondered if Rhino was closing. Some actually spread this rumor.
Well, according to Rhino Records, this is an exaggeration, as this post explains.
I am one of those music lovers who has purchased music from Rhino over the years, has received some promotional material from them at various publications I wrote for, and have suggested and received gifts from people who I suggested do so from Rhino. I am sad at the layoffs, concerned for Rhino's future but glad to hear that the label/company is still alive.


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