Thursday, September 24, 2009

U.S. Census, Murder and My Dad

The murder of a U.S. Census Bureau field worker in Kentucky has certainly got me feeling sad and pissed off for many reasons, some of which I can actually communicate right now.
My late father, Edward W. Hosey, was a U.S. Census Bureau field worker in 1989, working part-time along with his full-time job at then-Gold Circle, not only to earn some extra money for his family, but because he was proud to serve or work for his country and government. His previous federal service has been in the U.S. Army as a Korean War veteran, and he applied the top secret rating he had been issued as a member of the U.S. Army Security Agency to his Census Bureau work, never telling us more about his job than where he was assigned to work each day.
Yes, there is a segment of the right-wing wingnuttery that looks at the U.S. Census as a major invasion of people's rights and privacy and a step in America's alleged march to the New World Order, but that's simple garbage. It certainly did not in any way mean that Bill Sparkman, 51, deserved to be killed with the word "fed" written on him.


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