Thursday, October 15, 2009

Did It Again; NHL to Blame?

I dozed off a couple of times last night/this morning and didn't get to bed officially until about 2:05 a.m., but at least I have a new reason to partly blame.
Since the National Hockey League is offering its NHL Center Ice cable telelvision practice with a free beginning couple of weeks or so, I have been staying up way too often way too late watching West Coast games and one or two replays. This is on top of a week or so of rather late Major League Baseball playoff games.
Yes, we have a new HD television in the bedroom, which would be much smarter and more convenient than using the couch and TV downstairs, but if I get behind in a game, or have DVRed some of it, I need to use the television downstairs. Yes, I almost always catch up, but by then, I have gotten too comfortable or don't want to miss any of the game by going upstairs. The timing was perfect Monday, when I missed only about a minute of the Phoenix-San Jose game, so that night worked fine.
I will keep trying, and Val will certainly keep reminding me.


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