Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Michael Oliver Returns to the Stage

Michael Oliver, formerly of Go, Dog! Go and the pulpit, returns to Buffalo to perform new and older classic songs of his with his Sacred Band for a CD release party for his "Yin and Yanxiety" album Saturday, May 16, at the Tralf on Main Street in downtown Buffalo.
The band lineup is very impressive. Besides Oliver on lead vocals and guitar, it will be: Jim Whitford on guitar and vocals, Michael Patrick Swain on bass and vocals, Erin O'Brien on vocals and percussion, Paul Zablotski on keyboards and Rob Lynch on drums, along with "special guests" promised.
Oliver was more than kind enough to allow me to preview a song of his on my WBNY Alumni Weekend radio show in 2007, "Little Miss Oblivious," and with this year's WBNY Alumni Weekend slated for April 24-26, maybe Michael will be kind enough to send another MP3 file or CD my way to preview "Yin and Yanxiety" again this year. Hmm, Mike?


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