Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don't Like the Smell of Oats?

Yesterday was one of those interesting to nice days outside, with the temperature a bit warmer, even of there was rain before and at going-home time.
But what made it even better was the smell of oats and other cereal-making ingredients in the air, as General Mills was obviously producing cereal yesterday. But somehow, not everyone likes that scent in the air.
An acquaintance/friend I frequently see at work said he can't stand the smell and wonders what people like about it, believing it makes the city and its residents look bad for enjoying it. Val and I have another friend who simply does not like the scent. If either of them had allergies that were affected by the oat and cereal production, or were made nauseous by the scent, I could understand, but they almost seem to dislike it because other people like it.
I think the smell is great (yes, I like cereal) and how this would make the city, region or its people look bad is beyond me. I've only seen people smile when they smell the oats, never get violent or angry, so how can it be bad?


Blogger Erin said...

I love that smell!

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