Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Fems on 45

Oh, there was joy in the Dunne-Hosey Estates today when I checked the mailbox; from Buffalo's greatet punk band, the Fems' "Go to a Party" four-song 7-inch record, recently reissued by Drag City, had arrived.
I had heard about this from a few sources a month or so ago, and when I checked the Drag City web site, I was thrilled to see it offered and ordered this record for only $8, postage and taxes included, March 4.
There was originally an entry on the Drag City web site for the reissue, but, because the response has been so good, this is all that is on there as of today: "Oh, so the music industry is dying? If this is how it feels, then let it die! With rubble all around us, we continue to sell through virtually everything on the new release sheet. Because we underpressed out of economic fear? Nay, never! We always press with hope, not trepidation! Meanwhile, The Fems "Go To a Party" 7"? Gone!"
Drag City had this to say about the Fems' record in its mail order catalog: "Bring the Party home. Churning rhythm and spittle-spewing vocals are the focus of this lost punk 7" from '82. There's guitar, to be sure, but not in the normal punk sense of the word. It's distant and provides a background atmosphere for the pounding drums and bass. The lyrical sarcasm is unmatched and still sharp nearly 30 years later."
Yes, folks, the reissued Fems' "Go to a Party" is already sold out, and there is no word if Drag City will press any more or not, but it doesn't sound like it will happen any time soon, if at all. I am damn happy that I pre-ordered the 45 and since I have been busy, I haven't even had the chance to listen to it yet. For those who forgot, along with "Go to a Party," the songs on this record are "Is It Living?" "Order" and "Frustration."
Getting to hear this classic punk song, and to hear the work of Bob Weider, the late Mark Freeland and John Walters (Fred Mett played bass, and Kent Weber and Louis Mang had not even joined the Fems at this point) is great. I was always pissed that I had never been able to get the original 45 all those years ago, so I'm a bit happier now.


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