Monday, December 08, 2008

Netti Pots and Smiles

Val has been suffering from another bad cold and after a few weeks, she decided to take the plunge and take the advice of several friends and tried using a netti pot yesterday.
She said that the pouring in of the water of one nostril cleaning the other (my very rudimentary understanding) has her feeling better as of 15 seconds ago as she told me on her way to the shower, and she reported feeling better last night as well. For this, we thank Jaquandor, among others.
Strangely, the photograph of a woman on the box of the netti pot we bought at the Lexington Co-op demomstrating/using the product shows a big smile on her face as she pours the water in her right nostril and as it comes out her left nostril. As good as this product apparently works, I can't imagine anyone smiling like that as the water goes from one nostril, in the sinuses and out the other nostril.


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