Saturday, September 02, 2006

ESPNU Loss Worse Than NFL Network Loss

The change started by Adelphia and being continued by Time Warner that, for the moment, means the end of the NFL Network and ESPNU on our televisions will effect our household differently than it seems like most people are complaining about right now.
Frankly, I am not a big fan of the NFL Network; its coverage of this year's NFL draft was adequate at best, and at times it seems like a rest home for former players who think they have broadcast talent but other networks have either passed them over or given them chances and disagree about the talent. Even the NFL Network's projected star anchor, Rich Eisen, was really the redheaded stepchild of the anchor talent when he was at ESPN, finishing a poor third to, for example, Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick. And for the love of some supreme being, stop the stupid cheerleader "reality" program; it is insulting and uninteresting to most people, and to those guys and gals who are attracted to the jiggling flesh, they can just go down the channel list and see much more of it on Showtime, etc.
It is ESPNU that I will be missing, particularly during college football and basketball seasons. ESPNU has been very friendly to the Big Ten Conference (many of you readers know that this is a major University of Wisconsin household) as well as conferences not often gaining major network attention, and the University of Buffalo has been fortunate to gain some live game attention, particularly in men's basketball.
So I am hoping against hope that Time Warner and ESPNU will come to an agreement soon, and while I sympathize with NFL Network viewers, I get more than enough Buffalo Bills and NFL coverage from the local stations, the major networks and ESPN.


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