Thursday, October 27, 2011

Suspicious Minds

A couple of days ago, during our morning walk, Walker Evans and I crossed Richmond Avenue at Connecticut Street coming back home from Buffalo's Lower West Side.
As you cross the street there, if you are on the side of the intersection we were on, you come to a former red-brown brick church building that is now a high-rent/luxury apartment complex, which has a small outdoor parking lot and several indoor parking spaces under the building.
As Walker and I stepped up on the curb in front of the parking area, there was a silver luxury sedan in the parking space nearest the sidewalk with two women about age 35-45 in the front seats. As Walker and I took a step on the sidewalk toward and leading past them, they both stopped and stared at us, frozen in position and wide eyed, until the driver actually lowered her sunglasses enough to peer over them at me.
Walker seemed pleased that at almost age 13 and half blind, that he can still scare people. I actually caught myself laughing out loud and saying in a stage whisper, "Really?"


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