Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another 'New Wave' Commercial?

Yet another television commercial is using a 1980s song as its music, this time with slightly rewritten lyrics, and I'm shaking my head a bit.
Travelzoo, a cheap travel website/company, is using a version of "Hey Mickey," an annoying pop song that because its lead instrument was a synthesizer and its singer/choreographer, Toni Basil, tried to be weird/strange, was lopped in as a new wave song.
The advertisement itself comes off as an adult-filled version of a scene from "Glee," so you know how much I like that, and having to hear this song again is painful for the 30 seconds the commercial lasts.
I just saw another ad using a great song by a great, nay, legendary protopunk singer, and I will get to that very soon.


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