Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dear Erie County Legislature Chair...

Dear Erie County Legislature Chair Barbara Miller-Williams:
I am in receipt of the invitation mailed to me by your campaign/supporters/blind leading the blind group, Friends of Barbara Miller-Williams, inviting me to your May 12 fund raiser. First, brilliant move, asking people to join Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown, among the hosts; at least they know this will be a comedy event.
But, am I attending? I guess I need to remind you that on January 8, 2010, hours after you became the new chair of the Erie County Legislature, you fired me as the Director of Communications there at the end of a more-than 10-hour work day, giving me about 5 minutes to clear out my desk and leave.
So, thanks for the invitation, but this event, among others, just validates my thoughts about your utter incompetence. Thanks for writing; yours truly, Kevin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank is fu@k!n& faboosh!

I remember when she was a council person repping my district and uttered a racist comment about not knowing she had all these white people in her district.

Oh, you know who her protege was at the time.... Brian Davis... wonder who taught him to embezzle money?

3:15 PM  
Blogger Jaquandor said...

That woman makes me want to vomit. She's every single thing that's wrong with Buffalo and EC politics, embodied in one person. Ugh.

11:49 AM  

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