Saturday, May 07, 2011

Bryan Trottier?

Since this week hasn't been enough of an emotional roller coaster ride, I went to my mother Sheila's house Friday to do some of the final work in emptying and selling her house, namely moving most of the rest of my late father Edward's record collection and part of the remainder of my vinyl collection here.
The house is now all but empty; in the living room and connected dining room, there is only a mirror on one wall, an abandoned cable television cable and curtains. The kitchen has only cupboards and a sink; the refrigerator, oven, microwave oven, table, chairs, telephone and its cabinet are gone. The bedrooms are also vacant. Downstairs, the remnants of the record collections, some very old posters, some cleanup items and garbage are all that is left.
Oh, and one other item I had no idea was there or even still existed. Next to the records on one shelf, I found my college intramural floor hockey stick, a "Bryan Trottier Signature Model 19" stick with a replica autograph on it. I can't find any brand on it, and the only other mark is "RIGHT-GARD" on the plastic blade.
I graduated from Buffalo State College in 1985, so this stick is at least 26 years old, and I know it wasn't purchased new in my senior year, so it is 27-30 years old. Surprisingly, it seems a little short for me now, about an inch less than optimal use dictates.


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